Kite (2002)
Front Cover Actor
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Genre Anime
Director Yasuomi Umetsu
Language English
Audience Rating NR (Not Rated)
Country USA
Color Color
In Japan cartoons and animated features do not encompass fantasy or slapstick personification of animals, but instead delve into the wondrous serendipity and the dark purposes of human interaction. Kite is a prime example of their expression within this genre. With its darkly disturbing La Femme Nikita-style story line, this film begs to be more than the 45-minute event that it is, rivaling the live-action works of Luc Besson and even John Woo. The story involves a college student, Sawa, whose family was brutally murdered. Sawa is adopted by Mr. Akai, the police detective investigating the case, and a twist occurs when we find that Mr. Akai has trained and utilized Sawa as an assassinating angel of vengeance to eliminate the undesirables able to slip through the net of the legal system. In the undertaking of one of these missions, Sawa meets Oburi, another orphan trained like her for the same purpose, and she is placed in the classic position of having to make a life-changing decision. Insights into the truth about Sawa's past are revealed through abstract flashbacks as the film progresses at maniacally breakneck speed, with intense gun battles and blood and guts galore. Kite is exquisitely animated by Yasuomi Umetsu and accompanied by a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack composed by An Fu, and the only flaw is that it could have been expanded by exploring more of its profound emotional revelations.
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Format DVD
Region Region 1
UPC 631595008227
Release Date 4/25/2000
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