Phenomena (2004)
Front Cover Actor
Jennifer Connelly Jennifer Corvino
Daria Nicolodi Frau Bruckner
Donald Pleasence Prof. John McGregor
Dalila Di Lazzaro Headmistress
Patrick Bauchau Insp. Rudolf Geiger
Fiore Argento Vera Brandt
Federica Mastroianni Sophie
Fiorenza Tessari Gisela Sulzer
Mario Donatone Morris Shapiro
Francesca Ottaviani Nurse
Movie Details
Genre Horror
Director Dario Argento
Producer Dario Argento
Writer Dario Argento; Franco Ferrini
Studio Anchor Bay
Language English
Audience Rating R
Running Time 110 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Italian horror maestro Dario Argento made his name by turning homicide into modern art with a cinematic flourish, but with Phenomena he takes his stylish mayhem in new directions. The film opens with the dreamy grace of a fairy tale: a young girl wandering the green meadows of Switzerland and discovering a gingerbread house, wherein lives a monster more modern than mythic, a psychopathic maniac who plunges the picture into a lush nightmare. Jennifer (Jennifer Connelly in her first starring role), a gifted young girl at a Swiss school, has a psychic link to the insect world and develops a connection with the killer through midnight sleepwalks. With the help of a lonely, wheelchair-bound entomologist (genre stalwart Donald Pleasence, who inflects his sonorous tenor with a gentle Scottish burr) she turns telekinetic detective, which only draws her closer to the killer's lair. The densely plotted story becomes muddled at times (this is the busiest film in Argento's oeuvre) but the lyrical cinematography and gorgeous nocturnal imagery--dreamy sleepwalks, nightmarish murders, hideous horrors that emerge in the dark of night--take on a poetic elegance not seen in his previous work, providing the tale with a kind of dream logic. This is a slasher film reborn as an exquisitely grim fantasy: Jennifer in Argentoland. --Sean Axmaker
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Format DVD
Region Region 1
Release Date 9/10/2001
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
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Dubbed PAL
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