Alphaville - Criterion Collection (1965)
Front Cover Actor
Eddie Constantine Lemmy Caution
Anna Karina Natacha Von Braun
Akim Tamiroff Henri Dickson
Valerie Boisgel (uncredited)
Jean-Louis Comolli Professor Jeckell (uncredited)
Michel Delahaye Von Braun's Assassistant (uncredited)
Jean-Andre Fieschi Professor Heckell (uncredited)
Christa Lang (uncredited)
Jean-Pierre Leaud (uncredited)
Laszlo Szabo Chief Engineer (uncredited)
Movie Details
Genre Mystery; Sci-Fi; Drama; Romance; Thriller
Director Jean-Luc Godard
Writer Paul Eluard; Jean-Luc Godard
Language English
Audience Rating NR (Not Rated)
Running Time 99 mins
Country USA
Color Color
As the French New Wave was reaching its maturity and filmgoing had evolved as a favorite pastime of intellectuals and urban sophisticates, along came Jean-Luc Godard to shake up every convention and send highfalutin critics scrambling to their typewriters. 1965's Alphaville is a perfect example of Godard's willingness to disrupt expectation, combine genres, and comment on movies while making sociopolitical statements that inspired doctoral theses and left a majority of viewers mystified. Part science fiction and part hard-boiled detective yarn, Alphaville presents a futuristic scenario using the most modern and impersonal architecture that Godard could find in mid-'60s Paris. A haggard private eye (Eddie Constantine) is sent to an ultramodern city run by a master computer, where his mission is to locate and rescue a scientist who is trapped there. As the story unfolds on Godard's strictly low-budget terms, the movie tackles a variety of topics such as the dehumanizing effect of technology, willful suppression of personality, saturation of commercial products, and, of course, the constant recollection of previous films through Godard's carefully chosen images. For most people Alphaville, like many of the director's films, will prove utterly baffling. For those inclined to dig deeper into Godard's artistic intentions, the words of critic Andrew Sarris (quoted from an essay that accompanies the Criterion Collection DVD) will ring true: "To understand and appreciate Alphaville is to understand Godard, and vice versa." --Jeff Shannon
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Region Region 1
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Release Date 10/20/1998
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